This forum does not seem to be very active at the moment but i'll still try my luck to find people interested in playing Kaissa =)

I used to think that every self respecting Gorean should play Kaissa but it seems that at the moment there is hardly any interest in The Game at all. Perhaps, only a few people even know that the game exists and I'm hoping to attract a bit more attention to it.

I've started making an online web-browser engine for Jeff Shaffer's Kaissa a while ago and managed to get it to a nice playable stage but i don't see any reasons for developing it any further as long as its just me and a few friends of mine playing it. So if there are any people who are interested in giving Kaissa a try, please send me an email to

kaissa.server[@] g m a i l. com (obviously, you need to get rid of the brackets and spaces ).

I will be happy to provide a server for the game as long as there are people who want to play it.

PS I would like to note that the server would never support any non-official rules. Firstly, I believe that Jeff did an amazing work bringing all the scraps of info about Kaissa from the gorean books together into a playable set of rules. Secondly, I do know that Kaissa is supposed to be played differently across Gor and Jeff's rules lack some of the rules described in the books, but if everyone starts playing their own Kaissa then then nobody would take the game seriously. Kaissa has arleady been invented and there are no reasons to try and reinvent it by changing a few moves.